Dental Implant Financing: No credit check, bad credit, easy approval (2023)

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Affordable dental implants for traveling patients

The Implant Center of Miami has created a customized package for patients looking to save on their implant dental implant treatments. We offer competitive prices including $1789 for one single implant (including implant + abutment + crown) and our all-on-4 dental implant prices start at $18,000 per arch. Patients travel to our offices to save, so don't miss out on these affordable deals dental services!

According to the latest national averages, the cost of a dental implant at other offices is approximately $2,500 to $3,500. All-on-4 Dental implants can cost as much as $59,000! We believe every patient at the Implant Center of Miami should have access to affordable dental options. That's why we deliver when it comes to affordable, high-quality dental implants.

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Our dental financing options are suitable for patients of almost any credit rating. With a range of new options after your approval, you can have your treatment plan created the same day at the Implant Center of Miami by experienced dentists who specialize in all treatments. Our financing partners give you the opportunity to start with $0 and a low interest rate, with bad credit, average credit, and good credit options. The Implant Center of Miami offers financing options to all patients in the United States for all of our treatments in all of our countriesMultiple locations in Florida.

Our wealth of experience

Your expert in dental implants in the USA

In 2014, Dr. Tatiana Herzog Implant Instructor, a learning institute offering comprehensive dental implant training to dentists around the world.dr dukesaw a gap in medical education when it came to dental implants. Her commitment to providing the right education in implant dentistry is a testament to her expertise and qualifications as your dentist of choice. At the Implant Center of Miami, you can expect the latest technology, affordable prices, and the highest level of staff expertise and experience. With multiple convenient locations, we accept new patients traveling across the United States.

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All-on-Four and Dental Implant Procedures

01 financing

The first step is to call the Implant Center of Miami for funding approval. We accept most patients with good, neutral and bad credit. This process can be done over the phone and will not affect your credit score.

02 Audit and Records

Once approved, you will receive instructions on how to get to our office. During this consultation, our team will perform an X-ray and take 3D images of your jaw to assess the health of your teeth.

03 treatment plan

After the examination, our dental team will review your records and create your treatment plan from start to finish. Here you can clearly see how we can quickly achieve your dream smile.

04 tooth extractions

At this point, Implant Center of Miami dentists will perform an analysis to determine which teeth should be removed. In some cases, a bone graft or sinus lift may need to be performed first.

05 dental implants

After the extractions, the implants can now be carried out. At this point, your caring dentists will perform the implant placement, carefully drilling small holes in the bone for the placement of your A04 or single implant.

06 Restoration

Once the healing process is complete, our established dental implant team will provide you with abutments to be fixed onto the implants. These abutments are used to place your crowns or bridges.


Traditional implants vs. ICOM implant solution

AtMiami Implant CenterDental implants are one of our most popular and in-demand services. This service is highly sought after by dental patients because of the numerous benefits it offers. Our specific dental implant services stand out from the competition because:

Traditional implants

Implants don't last long

Cost between $20,000 and $55,000

General dentists who do not specialize in implants

No certification in implantology

ICOM implant solution

Implants last for years

Price from $1789

Thousands of implants placed

Professionally certified oral implantologist
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Easy financing options

Dental care is an essential part of health care. Your teeth can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Sometimes the cost of a dental treatment can exceed our budget. Neglecting the problem is not a solution. Dental financing for patients who need dental financing is a good choice to afford certain dental treatments.

There are many different types of procedures that may be required for dental care. Some of these procedures (which we cover in this article) can be costly. dental insurance is not mainstream politics. Most people don't have it because it's either not part of the insurance benefits they currently receive from their employers, or they simply see it as an additional expense that could be saved instead. Therefore, in most cases, when an expensive problem occurs, patients must take out certain types of dental financing plans in order to afford the procedure.

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Dental Implant Financing: No credit check, bad credit, easy approval (2)

Dental Implant Financing: No credit check, bad credit, easy approval (3)

  • How does the financing work?

    At the Implant Center of Miami, you can pay for your purchase over an extended period of time with a choice of 3, 6, or 12 month credit options rather than paying for everything at once.

  • How do I apply for a payment plan?

    You must apply through our payment plans page. Our quick and easy application process can be completed in store with a member of staff via a link provided by us via email. If you wish, you can now start your application directly on ourpayment optionsPage.

  • Is there a credit check?

    When you apply, we carry out a credit check, which we can use to determine whether you are eligible. A soft credit check does not affect your credit score. Your creditworthiness may be adversely affected if you accept credit to complete a purchase or open an account. This means you have no control over your score, making your request risk-free.

  • Is the financing interest-bearing?

    A 3-month 0% APR option is only available at participating locations. For more specific details about your purchase, please contact us through ourpayment optionsPage.

  • Is there a prepayment?

    (Video) Dental Payment Plans with No Credit Check

    Yes, you are required to pay a deposit when finalizing your treatment plan. This deposit will count towards your total purchase amount. When you submit an application and receive pre-approval, you can see the exact deposit amount for your purchase. Down payments may vary depending on the financing offer. For exact figures visit ourpayment plansPage.

  • What if I have bad credit?

    If you have poor credit, we may still be able to approve you. Thanks to our partners, there is no impact on your credit score when you apply for financing for your dental implant treatment.

  • How does the pre-qualification work?

    This pre-qualification helps you determine if you are pre-qualified for parts or service financing. To complete pre-qualification, you will need your email address, a state-issued ID card or driver's license, and a bank-issued debit card. You must also be at least 18 years of age (or older as required by law) and have a physical or APO/AFO address. If you pre-qualify, you can see your APR, your monthly payments, and your total financing costs. A completed pre-qualification is valid for 28 days. To finance a product, part or service before the pre-qualification period expires at a dealership, you must present your state-issued ID or driver's license, make the required deposit using a bank-issued debit card, and select a payment method for recurring payments. Any conditions presented during pre-qualification assume that the applicant remains capable of meeting the criteria used for pre-qualification.

  • How does payment work?

    With your authorization, your payments will be automatically debited or debited on the due date assigned to you upon completion of your purchase and processed to the debit card you used for your deposit or to the account and sort code you provided. You can call Sunbit Customer Service at 855-678-6248 or manage your Sunbit payments online at to update or change your payment information. If you would like to make an early or additional payment, you can call us or you can also go online. There are no fees for early or additional payments.

The difference at the Implant Center of Miami

Perfecting smiles since 2010. We have placed thousands of implants!


Our doctors are certified by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists as Specialists in Implantology.


We will never judge you, but instead congratulate you for overcoming your fears and making your health a priority.


We believe everyone should have access to the same care, which is why there are never any hidden fees.

Over 300 online reviews

We've got over 300 positive reviews on Google from happy customers who are happy with their smile!

accept emergencies

From infections to unexpected tooth loss: we take the time for you. Don't wait to call, we can help!

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Dynamic office

Our practice is one of the most technologically advanced dental practices in the country.


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