Is the iPhone 11 waterproof or water resistant? (2023)

The Apple iPhone has been "waterproof" for a few generations (that may also apply to other models like the iPhone X), but the iPhone 11 isn't worry-free in all situations. It is so highly water repellent that under normal circumstances and regular use it might as well be waterproof. But IP68 is still considered waterproofInternational Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)Standards - read on to learn more.

Understand IP ratings

TheiPhone 11is rated IP68 according to the IEC 60529 standard. The IP rating is a measurement standard created to show how resistant a device is to dirt, dust and water. The first number of the IP rating (in the case of the iPhone 11 “6”) measures how resistant it is to solid materials such as dirt and dust. According to the IP chart, six classifies as “protection against exposure to harmful dust”.

The second number ("8" on iPhone 11) measures how resistant it is to liquids, or the "water resistance" of the device. A rating of eight means "protected from immersion in water to a depth of more than one meter".

Although not included in all reviews, an estimate of time is usually given - around half an hour in most cases. This means that the iPhone 11 is almost completely resistant to dust and dirt, and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of up to 1.5 meters (roughly five feet) for around half an hour. You should not leave it immersed in a large amount of water for a long time, as there is a clear difference betweensomething that is "waterproof" and "water resistance".

Note that the IP rating only applies to water. The iPhone 11 should be fine if a little water is spilled on it, but it doesn't apply to liquid damage from other things like soda, beer, milk, or coffee.

The iPhone 11's IP68 rating makes it one of the most water-resistant devices. However, this does not mean that you should intentionally expose it to liquids and moisture. The IP rating tests water immersion on an intact device. Any cracks or breaks in the body of your iPhone 11 can allow water to enter and damage the internal components.

Can I use the iPhone 11 in the shower?

Using an iPhone 11 in the shower is a bad idea. While ambient humidity may not cause damage, direct contact with the showerhead stream likely will. If you must have your phone in the bathroom, put it on the sink and wait until you get out of the shower to reply to those text messages.

Can I use iPhone 11 underwater?

The same concept applies to using the phone in the pool. If the phone falls into the water, it can survive a short jump if the pool is not too deep. You should not try to take underwater photos. Sure, you could succeed without damaging your phone, but is it worth the risk? If you want to shoot underwater, invest in onewaterproof phone casedesigned for it.

Note: Saltwater is even more harmful due to its corrosive and conductive nature. Dropping a device in the sea is more dangerous than dropping it in the pool.

What to do if iPhone 11 gets wet

There are two things you should do when your phone gets wet.

  1. If you haven't used a waterproof case and your phone has been exposed to water, you should dry it off immediately. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe moisture off the outside. If water has entered the device, place it in a dry environment and allow time to evaporate. The rice trick mentioned earlier is because rice grains can help absorb moisture, but a dry room will work just as well.
  2. Do not turn on the iPhone or connect it to a charger until it is completely dry. An electronic device can be damaged by water, but the real danger is when an electric current runs through it. Water is conductive, which can overload and burn out sensitive circuits. For the best chance of using the device again without damage, let it dry completely before turning it back on or attempting to charge it.

Wondering if the new iPhone 14 is waterproof too? We have the answerHere!

TheiPhone 11is a powerhouse of a device, but despite the safeguards in place to extend the life of the phone, it's not designed for use in high-humidity environments. In short, there is currently no "waterproof iPhone". That said, an accidental spill or fall into a puddle probably won't destroy the phone, but it's better to handle it with care than to test the limits of its IP68 rating and try to never fully submerge an iPhone under water. It can also be a good idea to purchase a waterproof case, which is available from several retailers online.

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