Marvel: 10 Heralds of Galactus You May Not Know About (2023)

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The world eater Galactus had many heralds. Some, like the Silver Surfer, are well known. Others may only know die-hard fans.

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Known as the Eater of the World,Galactushas always been very present in the Marvel Universe since he was first created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and appeared thereFantastic Four#48 in 1966. After warning the Fantastic Four about the god-like Galactus, the Guardian arrived on Earth to consume the Planetas, which he had done many times before.

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A constant that has marked Galactus' long history was the provision of various god-like powers known as the Power Cosmic to a scout or herald to help him find planets that would satisfy his intense hunger. The most popular of these is theSilver Surfer, also known as Norrin Radd, who first appeared in the same issue ofFantastic Fourin 1966. While he is perhaps the best known of the Heralds, there are many others that casual fans may have forgotten. In fact, several of themCharacters Galactus might introduce to the MCU.



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First appearance inJourney into the SecretNo. 118 from 1965, The Destroyer is an enchanted suit of armor first created by Thor's father Odin to protect the earth from all enemies. The armor was then sealed in the Temple of Darkness until it could be freed again.

The Destroyer became the Herald of Galactus after his predecessor, the Firelord, asked to be relieved of his role. Galactus only agreed to this if they could find a suitable replacement. This led to a great idea from the mighty Thor, who pointed out Destroyer as a mindless and loyal shell. Thrilled by the idea, Galactus agreed to the plan and released Firelord, taking Destroyer with him.


Morg the Executioner first appeared on the pages ofSilver Surfer#69 in 1992. He was a bloodthirsty and violent warrior whom Galactus chose to replace his other herald, Nova. When Morg met Galactus, he said he didn't care about his home planet or its people, but that didn't mean he would give up a fight.

Galactus thought this ruthless killer would be a better suited herald to find planets for him, but was disappointed by Morg's violently unpredictable nature and had his powers removed. Without the Power Cosmic, Morg didn't survive long and was later killed by the former Herald Terrax.

human torch

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The brother of Sue Storm and one of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm, also known as Human Torch, has fought Galactus before, but was pushed into his ranks when Galactus made him one of his heraldsFantastic Four#519.

During the Rising Storm storyline, Galactus originally attempted to use Sue Storm as his herald so he could find hidden invisible planets with her powers enhanced by the Power Cosmic. in oneDetails about the invisible woman only know comic fans“Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) actually switched her powers with Johnny's. The idea behind the switch was to buy them some time to come up with a plan before Galactus could succeed, but Galactus simply captured Johnny instead.

Doctor Strange

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Those who may be unfamiliar with their recent Marvel Universe history will find it interesting that the Sorcerer Supreme was added to the roster of scouts under Galactus' reign during the events ofDoctor Strange#13. When the Devourer of Worlds was banished to the mystical realm, Stephen Strange knew the giant could not stay there for fear he would turn into something far worse.

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As Strange attempted to find solutions to this problem, Galactus continued to absorb magical entities in the realm to quell his hunger. With no other option, Strange agreed to become Galactus' herald so he could find food for Galactus that didn't threaten all life. However, Galactus soon unleashed a collision of magic and science that began to unravel all of reality.

saber tooth

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An enemy ofX-Menand notably Wolverine, the mutant known as Sabertooth, made his first appearance iniron fist#14 in 1977. Sabertooth, a popular villain, surged from the panels to the big and small screen, portrayed by actors like Liev Schreiber and Tyler Mane.

As depicted in an alternate universe, Sabertooth received incredible power from a more peaceful Galactus who defended him against an evil version of the Silver Surfer. In this world, Galactus was able to restore planets instead of destroying them. This violent Silver Surfer challenged his former master to repair his fallen planet, which brought the Surfer and Sabertooth into battle.

The fallen

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While Silver Surfer may have been the first Herald introduced to the comic book world, he wasn't actually the first scout for Galactus. The being known as the Fallen One first appeared inThanos#11 from 2004, but very little information has been revealed about this early herald.

The Fallen One attempted to kill his former master more than once, but was unsuccessful each time attacking the mighty Galactus. This wish has even brought him into battle against the Mad Titans Thanos andstar lord, who was eventually able to imprison him for some time before the fallen one's death.


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The Marvel mutant Dazzler first appeared inThe creepy X-Men#130 in 1980 and was created by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. In addition to being a member of the X-Men and other Marvel teams, Dazzler is a pop star who has the power to turn sound into light, with increasing volume producing stronger output.

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InBlender#10, she is kidnapped by Galactus and turned into a new Herald to find his escaped Herald Terrax. Terrax had used the Power Cosmic to rule a planet instead of helping Galactus find a world to devour. Angering his master, Terrax escaped into a black hole that only Dazzler could enter due to her power.

Aunt May

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For those who don't know, Aunt May is the aunt of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and widow of the late Uncle Ben Parker. Aunt May first appeared on the pages ofAmazing imagination#15 from 1962, the same issue that first introduced Spider-Man to the world. But also a bit hardcoreSpider-Man fans may not know that Aunt Mayattained the cosmic power.

While Aunt May babysitting young Franklin Richards at the circusMarvel Team-Up# 137, Galactus attempted to turn Franklin into his new herald. With the intervention of Aunt May, she suddenly turns into Golden Oldie. To save Earth, Golden Oldie collects every Twinkie to feed Galactus. Fortunately, the ending of this story showed that it was all just a dream of Peter Parker.

Willie Lumpkin

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First appearance in the world of comics inFantastic Four#11 in 1963, Willie Lumpkin is a retired postman who once delivered mail to the infamous Baxter Building, where he frequently clashed with the Fantastic Four. Willie even performed in 2005Fantastic Fourfilm where he was played by none other than Stan Lee.


In the alternate storyline seriesWhat if?, issue #34 of 1982, featured only a single panel gag showing Willie as the herald of Galactus delivering a letter from his master to the Fantastic Four, telling them that their planet will be eaten tomorrow. Willie waves goodbye as he floats away with his mailbag.


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in a (nunusual Superman crossover that will never see the big screen, Marvel team, the Fantasic Four came face to face with the DC hero after Superman was told it was Galactus who destroyed his home planet of Krypton. Superman traveled to the FF universe in hopes of bringing the villain to justice.

An important point made at the beginning of the story is that Superman in the universe of four is a pop culture figure, one loved by Franklin, Sue and Reed's son. Upon arrival in the Marvel Universe, Superman is absorbed by Galactus' device and emerges as a golden herald. Eventually, after battling the Fantastic Four, he is reminded of who he is and helps stop Galactus by learning the truth about Krypton's destruction.

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