Should you buy the iPhone 11 in 2022? Why it's (and isn't) a good buy. (2023)

TheIPhone11 warone of the best smartphones available in 2019. Over two years later it isapplesOutdated cell phone still worth buying in 2022? The smartphone world is constantly evolving. New phones are released regularly, even newer models are always on the horizon, leaving little time to look back at older generations. If the iPhone 13 is out and the iPhone 14 is on the horizon, why would anyone stop and think about the iPhone 11?


Although it often feels like it, there are many reasons why "old" phones should still keep the conversation going. If you want a high-end smartphone but are on a budget, buying an older model is tempting.Older flagship phones tend to be more powerfulthan current budget models. And after a year or two of price cuts, they usually cost about the same.

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This is a situation that the iPhone 11 finds itself in. Released in September 2019, the iPhone 11 is far from the latest iPhone available today. It's two generations old, has an aging processor, and is no longer the hottest new thing out there. But it's also a smartphoneApple still sells on its website. You can easily visit and buy a brand new iPhone 11 for $499. But should you?

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Why you should buy the iPhone 11 in 2022

Should you buy the iPhone 11 in 2022? Why it's (and isn't) a good buy. (1)

Despite being well over two years old, so much about the iPhone 11 is holding up remarkably well in 2022. The main reason for this is its processor.The iPhone 11 is powered by Apple's A13 Bionic chip. The A13 has since been replaced by the A14 and A15. Despite this, it remains a performance champion. With a 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU and 8-core Neural Engine, everything on the iPhone 11 should still be more than fast enough.

The iPhone 11's camera system is holding up quite well in 2022 as well. Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 11 has a 12MP primary camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. It also features Night mode, Deep Fusion, Portrait mode and Smart HDR for enhanced photo processing. And on the video side, the iPhone 11 supports 4K recording at 60fps.Newer features like photographic stylesand Cinema mode aren't available, but for the occasional sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, etc., the iPhone 11's camera setup remains a strong performer.

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You'll also find plenty of other flagship goodies on the iPhone 11. It features Face ID, IP68 dust/water resistance, Qi wireless charging, and promises up to 17 hours of battery life (just two hours short of the 19-hour rating for the iPhone 13). More importantly than all of that, Apple is still actively supporting the iPhone 11. It runs the latest version of iOS 15, is expected to get iOS 16 later this year, and should continue to receive updates through 2025.Apple's software support continues to be the best in the business, and that's one of the reasons its older smartphones are still worth recommending years after release.

Why you shouldn't buy the iPhone 11 in 2022

Should you buy the iPhone 11 in 2022? Why it's (and isn't) a good buy. (2)

But that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows for the iPhone 11. No smartphone ages perfectly, and the iPhone 11 is no exception. One area where this is most noticeable is on the iPhone 11's display. In general, the screen looks good. It's a 6.1-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1792 x 828, a contrast ratio of 1400:1 and a maximum brightness of 625 nits. For casual movie watching, playing games, and browsing Twitter, it's more than serviceable. But Apple has made considerable leaps forward since then -Especially compared to the iPhone 13. Spend money on the iPhone 13 and you get a more vibrant OLED panel with deeper blacks and better colors. It also has a sharper 2532 x 1170 resolution, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 800 nits maximum brightness. And if you're watching HDR content (which the iPhone 11 doesn't support), the screen jumps to 1200 nits. Casual users might be perfectly happy with the iPhone 11's screen, but if display quality is something you take seriously, the iPhone 11 might not cut it.

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The iPhone 11 is also not the most durable iPhone available today. Despite being IP68 waterproof, it only covers the phone to a depth of 2 meters.The iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 can both survive up to 6 meters, making them much more likely to survive if dropped into a deep pool or lake. Likewise, the iPhone 11 has a weaker glass on its display. Newer iPhones have Apple's "Ceramic Shield" glass, which offers four times better drop protection than the iPhone 11. If you're particularly clumsy and tend to drop your phone, an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 is money well spent.

There are a few other things to consider before picking up an iPhone 11. Unlike newer iPhones, the iPhone 11 doesn't work with MagSafe. This means that accessories like the iPhone Leather Wallet, MagSafe Charger, and MagSafe Battery Pack are not compatible with the iPhone 11.The iPhone 11 also lacks 5G connectivity– top up with 4G LTE instead. 4G LTE is still perfectly usable in 2022, but if you want a phone that supports the fastest data speeds possible, look elsewhere.

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The iPhone 11 is still a great buy

Should you buy the iPhone 11 in 2022? Why it's (and isn't) a good buy. (3)

There's more to like than dislike about the iPhone 11. It's very fast, has powerful cameras, good battery life, and will continue to receive updates for years to come. The lower-quality display and lack of 5G are annoying, but they're not big enough to turn most people off the phone — especially when it's $499.

The only other iPhone you can get under $500 in 2022 is the iPhone SE 3. It has a newer A15 Bionic chip, 5G connectivity, and is cheaper at $429.But it also comes with its own list of disadvantages. The iPhone SE 3 has a much smaller, lower-quality display, no ultra-wide camera, worse battery life, and even lower water resistance. If you have $499 to spend and don't need the fastest processor available, the iPhone 11 stands tall as a great buy in 2022.

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Is iPhone 11 still good in 2022? ›

The iPhone 11 has a slower processor but is still a very capable iPhone even in 2022.

How much longer will iPhone 11 be supported? ›

Based on that and some quick mental math, we can deduce that Apple plans to provide iPhone support for up to six years from launch. As a result, with the iPhone 11, unveiled in 2019, you can rest comfortably knowing that you can expect updates through 2025.

Is iPhone 11 still worth buying 2023? ›

It still holds well in 2023 and is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, high-performance device at a more affordable price than the newer models. The device's dual-camera system, A13 Bionic chip, and Face ID are still considered top-of-the-line compared to more recent models.

What iPhone is worth buying in 2022? ›

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

It comes with every feature Apple offers, including the most capable cameras; the largest, brightest screen; and the biggest, longest-lasting battery. We gave the iPhone 14 Pro Max the highest review of any recent model. It's our Editors' Choice for 2022 iPhones.

Is it worth buying iPhone 11 right now? ›

The obvious reason for not opting for the iPhone 11 is the fact that it is quite old now and offers weaker performance when compared to the iPhone 12. The camera and battery performance are also not as good as the recent models, of course. With the iPhone 11, you will also need to settle for an older, curvy design.

Is iPhone 11 bad or good? ›

The iPhone 11 delivers impressive performance in terms of battery, processor and camera capabilities, alongside a super smooth software experience. It's also the last in Apple's line of rounded-off phones, so you might well prefer its design to more recent iPhones.

Is an iPhone 11 old now? ›

The iPhone 11 was introduced in September 2019, and Apple has continued selling it as a lower-priced option alongside subsequent iPhone generations, dropping to $499 with the launch of the iPhone 13 lineup. The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch display, a dual-lens camera, and an A13 Bionic chip.

Is iPhone 11 out of date? ›

The iPhone 11 was supplied with iOS 13, which includes Siri, Face ID (through the TrueDepth camera), and Apple Pay, and supports Apple Card. It received iOS 14 on September 16, 2020, and supported iOS 15, which was released on September 20, 2021. As of September 12, 2022, the iPhone 11 is now compatible with iOS 16.

Will Apple stop selling iPhone 11? ›

After abandoning the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in 2020, then the iPhone 12 Pro and XR after the introduction of the iPhone 13 a few months ago, Apple has decided that a new model will leave its catalog at the end of the year.

Is iPhone 11 or 12 better? ›

In our testing, the iPhone 12 lasted about one to two hours less than the iPhone 11, giving the older model an advantage for those who need longer battery life. Not only is the battery bigger, but it also seems that overall efficiency seems to be better, thanks to the lower-resolution LCD display.

Which iPhone will last longest? ›

All the latest iPhones ranked for battery life
RankModelBattery life (Hours)
1iPhone 13 Pro Max9hrs 52mins
2iPhone 11 pro Max8hrs 29mins
3iPhone 13 Pro8hr 17Mins
4iPhone 137hr 45mins
7 more rows
Jun 30, 2022

Which iPhone should i buy in 2023? ›

Review Of Best iPhone in 2023
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) - Sierra Blue.
  • Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) - Black.
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Space Black.
  • Apple iPhone X (64GB) - Silver.
  • Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) - White.
Feb 16, 2023

Which iPhone model is best to buy? ›

Best iPhone Overall: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

They offer better value for money, especially if you hold on to your iPhone for the long run. The iPhone 14 Pro model hosts a 120Hz display, a 3X zoom lens, excellent battery life, and no to skip - the latest A16 Bionic processor.

Is iPhone 11 or 13 better? ›

The iPhone 13 gets an OLED screen, a big upgrade over the LCD screen on the iPhone 11, it has a faster processor, upgraded cameras and longer battery life. The iPhone 13 is also considerably lighter and we'd say prettier.

Is there problems with the iPhone 11? ›

We're also hearing about Face ID problems, issues with first and third-party applications, RAM management problems, Exchange problems, iCloud issues, visual voicemail problems, Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi issues, sound problems, and quite a few complaints about abnormal battery drain.

What is iPhone 11 price now? ›

Apple iPhone 11 price in India starts from ₹40,999. It is available at lowest price on Flipkart in India as on Mar 06, 2023. Take a look at Apple iPhone 11 detailed specifications and features. Out of budget?

What will happen to iPhone 11 after 5G? ›

When 5G speeds don't provide a noticeably better experience, your iPhone automatically switches to LTE, saving battery life. 5G On: Always uses 5G network when it's available. This might reduce battery life. LTE: Uses only LTE network, even when 5G is available.

Why did Apple discontinue the 11? ›

Apple may discontinue iPhone 11 because...

iPhone 11 doesn't support 5G. Yes, that's a big deal now in the era of 5G technology, when almost every other brand is coming up with their 5G smartphones. iPhone 11 is a bit outdated in front of the latest tech that sits on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

Which is better iPhone 11 or XR? ›

The ‌iPhone‌ 11 is powered by Apple's A13 Bionic chip, behind only Apple's A14 Bionic chip in the ‌iPhone 12‌ models. Based on 7-nanometer architecture, the A13 Bionic features four high-efficiency cores that are up to 20 percent faster and consume 40 percent less power than the A12 Bionic chip in the ‌iPhone‌ XR.

What iPhone is better than the iPhone 11? ›

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 11: Displays

And you get a sharper resolution with the iPhone 13 at 2532 x 1170 pixels versus 1792 x 828 pixels for the iPhone 11. Add in better contrast and the smaller notch, and the iPhone 13's screen is clearly better than the iPhone 11.

Which is the better iPhone 11? ›

The 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro has a significantly sharper 2,436 x 1125 display at 458ppi and the 6.5-inch Max has a 2,688 x 1,242 resolution, again at 458ppi. Also, the iPhone 11 has an LCD screen, while the iPhone 11 Pro uses OLED, which offers better contrast and more vibrant colours.

How much will iPhone 11 cost in 2023? ›

How much does an iPhone 11 cost? iPhone 11 prices start at $216 and cost $340 on average as of March 2023. iPhone 11 prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.

What iPhone is still good in 2023? ›

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

This year's best overall iPhone currently goes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It's a mouthful, but for good reason. The 6.7-inch model is the largest of the iPhone 14 line and comes stacked with the latest features that Apple has to offer.

What iPhones will be out in 2023? ›

Apple in 2023 will continue on with its four iPhone lineup, debuting an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As with the iPhone 14 Pro models, the iPhone 15 Pro models will have features that are not available in the more affordable iPhone 15 devices.

What is the best age to buy iPhone? ›

What is the ideal age for a first phone? Your children could be ready for a smartphone or similar device anywhere from 10 to 14, or during middle school. A sixth-grader (typically 10 to 11 years old) could be a good start for considering a phone or a wearable.

Which iPhone is best in low price? ›

iPhone 12 mini: Rs 38,999

This is currently the most affordable 5G-capable iPhone in India, and yes, it is cheaper than the iPhone SE 2022.

What was iPhone 11 lowest price? ›

iPhone 11 price in India is Rs. 40,849. This is the lowest iPhone 11 price on Flipkart as of March 07, 2023. Also, this is for the 64GB storage variant. There is one more variant available, which comes with 128GB internal storage.

Will iPhone 11 go down in price? ›

So to answer our main question, the prices of iPhone 11 will drop after the release of iPhone 14, which is expected to launch in September 2022. If you are about to buy an iPhone 11, then we recommend that you wait for a couple of more months and get a better deal by the end of September or in October 2022.

Which is better between iPhone 11 12 and 13? ›

Apple A13 Bionic vs A14 Bionic vs A15 Bionic. Integrated GPU and NPU on all three. iPhone 13 is more powerful compared to iPhone 11. iPhone 13 is more power efficient compared to iPhone 12.

Will they be iPhone 15? ›

We are expecting a total of four iPhone 15 models in the same sizes as the iPhone 14 models, including two 6.1-inch iPhones and two 6.7-inch iPhones. One of the 6.1-inch iPhones will be the standard iPhone 15, while one of the 6.7-inch models will be an iPhone 15 "Plus."

Is iPhone 14 worth it? ›

The bottom line: If you have an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, it's definitely worth upgrading. You get a noticeable boost in camera quality, battery life and performance among other areas.

How many years will an iPhone Last? ›

For most users, this represents approximately two years of use, which is why most people believe that the lifespan of a phone is two years. However when it comes to iPhones, you can expect between three to five years (maybe more) with proper care.


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