The 10 Best Healthy Food Franchises - Guidant (2023)

Healthy eating is one of the hottest business trends in a growing industry.Why are healthy food franchises thriving right now? Well, for one thing, consumers - especially in the US - want more affordable, healthier food options.

And you may have noticed an increasing emphasis on healthy eating trends being advertised on products on your grocery shelves. Organic, gluten-free, plant-based, low-sugar... The natural foods industry continues to grow as more Americans care about healthy living — and American eating habits have changed since 2020.

As a matter of fact,Over 70 percent of Americans are more health conscious in the wake of the pandemic. And71 percentbelieve that the COVID-19 pandemic "has taught them to monitor their health better".In other words, health and a healthier lifestyle are top priorities for many Americans, especially in the wake of a pandemic. Because of this, the demand for healthy food franchises is high right now.

What makes a company recession-proof? Check out oursTop 10 recession-proof companies.

If you're looking for a recession-proof business, buying a healthy food franchise can be a great low-risk business opportunity for 2022-2023.Let's take a look at some of this year's hottest healthy food franchises!

Clean Juice

Safe for you and your family.

The 10 Best Healthy Food Franchises - Guidant (1)

Founded: 2014
Franchised since: 2016
Franchise units: 129
Initial investment: $275,000 – $576,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000

Clean Juiceis a certified organic juice bar with over 100 locations across the United States. Over 85 of these cash shops are owned and operated by franchisees.Clean Juice values ​​health, wellness and fun. If this sounds like you, this franchise could be a great opportunity for you to head into 2023.

This healthy food franchisePlatz 260 im Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500this year with a growth rate of 67.5 percent in just three years.

Clean Juice was founded in 2014 and aims to ensure thisUSDA Certified Organic JuiceBars that support a healthy lifestyle. That's why Clean Juice doesn't add syrups, sugar, additives, or GMOs to its smoothies or any other product. And they call it the “Clean Juice Difference”. Health-conscious consumers can safely drink Clean Juice products.

Clean Juice is the first - and only - USDA certified organic juice and food bar and smoothie franchise to make its way into the natural foods industry.The company regularly updates its menus and introduces new ingredients over the years, always looking for new ways to innovate and grow. In fact, Clean Juice has more than just juice and smoothies on its menu. They also offer acai bowls, wraps, and other healthy options.

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Nautical Shells

Superfood, Superleben.

The 10 Best Healthy Food Franchises - Guidant (2)

Founded: 2018
Franchised since: 2020
Franchise Units: 17
Initial investment: $243,750 – $423,250
Initial Franchise Fee: $39,500

Even if it's new to the gameNautical Shellshas made waves as a healthy food franchise.The company saw a1,600 percent growth over three yearsaccording to entrepreneurs– and with only about 17 franchises open, Nautical Bowls franchising can be a great opportunity for a new business owner.

Nautical Bowls has 129 locations across the US and is rapidly growing in popularity with healthy food lovers who want fresh, nutritious meals—without all the added sugar and preservatives.And customers love that the restaurant offers savory organic food bowls that are also gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and soy-free. The bowls are made from scratch using natural, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and beans.

The company was founded in San Diego, California by two brothers who were looking for a healthier alternative to fast food restaurants. Since then, Nautical Bowls has aimed to bring quick, healthier meals to more Americans. This fast-growing healthy food franchise is something to keep an eye on!


More than a salad.

Established: 2010
Franchised since: 2015
Franchise Units: 25
Initial investment: $375,000 – $699,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000

Hackstoppis fast food. But it's not "fast food". Instead, Chop Stop offers healthy, quick, and filling salads for Americans on the go.Its fast-growing, low-cost chopped salad concept has propelled it into a burgeoning healthy food franchise.Chop Stop is the number in the ranking198 in Entrepreneur’s 2022 Franchise 500– with 78.6. percent growth over three years.

Since 2010, Chop Stop has brought its delicious food to over a dozen locations across the United States, beginning in California. The founder, Mark Kulkis,was surprised that Los Angeles lacked more salad optionsin the fast food industry.

"Sometimes I would find a single chopped salad on a menu," Kulkis said. "But even those were few. I couldn't believe a health conscious city like L.A. didn't have more to offer.”

It turns out that Kulkis wasn't alone.Chop Stop quickly became popular in L.A. and on the West Coast.Customers love their sliced ​​salads as much as their other healthy options, including Chopurrito™ bowls, wraps, soups and specialty drinks.

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Soup! Location

Good, really good soup and broth.

The 10 Best Healthy Food Franchises - Guidant (3)

Established: 1998
Franchised since: 2003
Franchise Units: 65
Initial investment: $478,000 – $662,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000

Nothing beats a hearty, warm soup on a chilly day.Spice merchant Eric Ersherdedicated his life to making soup and found Zoup! Restaurant in 1998. Now,Souphas more than 60 franchised units across the US and Canada, serving the cravings of soup lovers across the region.

In the early days, the company was spinning over 10 different soups a day on their first zoup! Local in Southfield, Michigan. People couldn't get enough soup. The restaurant soon opened five more locations in the Detroit area and began franchising in 2003.The fast-casual restaurant chain now also offers salads, sandwiches, mac and cheese and freshly baked ciabatta– all foods that usually go well with soup.

Zoup is over two decades old so you can be assured that it has an established culture and vibrant community.And the company also offers plenty of franchise support and hosts annual events to bring franchisees together. So you can be proud to join the Zoup brand and community if you want to run a healthy food franchise!

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Delicious, healthy and balanced meals.

Established: 1999
Franchised since: 2004
Franchise Units: 19
Initial investment: $418,000 – $599,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000

UFood Grill is another fast-growing healthy food franchise — and it's been around since 1999 that has proven its worth. In the last three years aloneUFood Grill grew 26.7% percentto meet the current and increasing demand from health-conscious customers.

The UFood Grill menu hasalwaysbaked,never friedfresh dishes under 700 calories along with a customizable Better-For-U menuto meet all dietary needs and restrictions. As a trendy fast-casual restaurant, this business isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Fast-casual franchises were theconsistent winner in the battle for market share that has raged in the chain restaurant industry since the recession. AndUFood Grill is at the forefront, serving better-for-you foodwith a wide variety of whole grain, organic, pasture, fast casual service dining options and select beverages.

Slim kitchen company

Eat clean, stay lean.

Founded: 2016
Franchised since: 2018
Franchise Units: 31
Initial investment: $151,000 – $441,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000

Slim kitchen company's mission is to bring fresh, delicious on-the-go meals to Americans. AndWith over 31 franchise locations across the US, it's thriving as a healthy food franchise — and seeing a whopping one 210 percent growth in the last three years.

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Standing for Fresh, Healthy and Convenient, Lean Kitchen advocates a more balanced diet for Americans with healthy ingredients, including lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables.Lean Kitchen Company offers various services: breakfast and brunch catering, buffet catering, vegan options, diner catering, gluten free options, holiday catering and more.

As a meal prep franchise company, Lean Kitchen accompanies the entire expansion and planning process, site development and ongoing operations and makes the process easy. Plus,Lean Kitchen is the only meal prep franchise in the country that teaches franchisees how to run their own kitchenand maximize profits for the shopkeeper.

Acai Express Superfood Bowls

Eat. Recharge energy.

Founded: 2013
Franchised since: 2014
Franchise units: 52
Initial investment: $146,000 – $429,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000

Acai Express Superfood Bowls has been in the healthy food franchise industry for eight years - with over 50 franchised units statewide. And this yearAcai Express Superfood Bowls ranked #476 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500.The company also grew 160 percent in three years, making it a promising opportunity for new business owners.

From acai, pitaya, and coconut bowls to smoothies, natural juices, homemade toast, and everything in between.Acai Express Superfood Bowls caters to health-conscious fruit loverslooking for an honest, organic and nutritious diet with healthy ingredients.

The founder, Hector Westerband, developed the business concept for smoothie and superfood bowls in Puerto Rico. His goal was to create an easily scalable company that is easy to use. As Westerband's food trucks grew from one to thirteen, he certainly knew his franchise system would work. It turns out thatThe quick service bowl and smoothie concept appeals to all generationslooking for a healthier option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

AWARDS:Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2022

Maui Wowi

Coffee & smoothies for the ‘ohana (family).

Founded in:1982
Franchised since:1997
Franchise Units:128
Initial investment:35.000 $
Franchise Fee:$30.000 – $50.000

Get ready to live the "flip-flop lifestyle" at Maui Wowi, a shop that offers the best Hawaiian coffees and smoothies - when and where you want them. What makes Maui Wowi unique as a business franchise model is its mobility. That's right:Maui Wowi is on the road, primarily operating food trucks, carts, kiosks, and concession trailers.But that doesn't mean they don't have businesses that host community events and offer a dining customer experience in Hawaiian paradise.

Maui Wowi hat128 franchise units, including hundreds at non-traditional venues such as racetracks, convention centers and college campuses.If you are looking for a flexible healthy food franchise inspired by the Aloha State, Maui Wowi may be the perfect franchise opportunity for you!

An ideal prospective franchisee should fit the Maui Wowi brand culture‘Ohanaand ready to follow a proven mobile business model.

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AWARDS:Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2005, Inc. 500


Gourmet toast and juice bar.

Founded: 2018
Franchised since: 2019
Franchise Units: 7
Initial investment: $45,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000

Toastelevates toast—a popular breakfast favorite—from a classic side dishto a "health-oriented power meal".The company has seen a steady increase in net profits,grown by 250 percent in the last three years.

While Toastique has only been franchised since 2019, there are already seven franchised units across the US that showcase the power of gourmet toast.The "uniqueness" of "Toastique" is reflected in the fully customizable menu using natural ingredients, offering guests wholesome, wholesome and convenient meals tailored to their preferences.

Founder Brianna Keefefounded Toastique because she wanted to give people quick, healthy meals to enjoy on the go.Toastique's balanced menus of grab-and-go meals, natural smoothies, cold-pressed fresh fruit juices, açaí bowls and other healthy snacks make Toastique a particularly unique healthy food franchise!

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senior bar

Ein Acai-Shop.

Founded: 2016
Franchised since: 2018
Franchise Units: 22
Initial investment: $161,000 – $340,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000

With acai and smoothie bowl restaurants on the west coast,Bill Loeschdreamed of opening his own organic restaurant. And in 2016, Loesch realized his dream and foundedsenior bar.Now Baya Bar already has 22 franchise units - even with only four years of franchise. And the business hashas grown by 266.7 percent in the last three years.

Baya Bar's menu features an array of acai, kale, pitaya, and coconut bowls, as well as smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and fresh fruit boosters. Customers can select a bowl from the menu - or create their own à la carte version. The company also stocks 100% organic cold-pressed juice, coconut milk, granola and other fresh ingredients to promote healthier food markets.

“The goal is to emphasize a healthier life. The whole point is to eat wholesome and healthier food,” said the founder and CEO of Baya Bar Loesch.

The company is passionate about educating customers about healthy living - and offers plenty of support to natural food franchisees who want to open their own Baya Bar.

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Franchise Financing and Opportunities with Guidant

Thinking about becoming a natural food franchisee but not sure where to start or how to fund your new business? Do not worry. With decades of experience,Guidant Financial has helped start over 30,000 small businesses. And with our team of franchise experts, we can help you find the perfect franchise opportunity at the right price.We work with several franchises including health food franchises such asClean Juice,Nautical Shells, AndSoup! Location.

Find out more about our franchise partners andFranchise opportunities with Guidant— or start with oursFranchise FinancingToday!


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