The 10 most disturbing movies according to Reddit (2023)

A film's imagery can save it when its content is otherwise lacking. Many films that are considered beautiful have largely positive content, at least what makes them beautiful.

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Imavatar,The story is an ugly tale of imperialism and conflict, but that horror doesn't splash onto Pandora's beautiful landscape. movies likeavatarorThe revenantcan be disturbing and beautiful. Movies like this tread strange territory where what you see harks back to the original definition of the word awesome, evoking great fear and elegance.


'Trainspotting' (1996)

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A disturbing yet compelling story about addiction,Trainspottingis one of those films that you will never forget. Not only because it's one of the grittiest, most realistic looks at addictive movies ever produced, but also because of the friendship, humor, and sadness it inspires.

usergeordiehotline sums it up: "I've only seen this film once, but every harrowing scene is etched in my brain and I live rent-free inside my head." Set in Scotland,Trainspottingoffers the beauty of the countryside and the city of Edinburgh, all disconcertingly lying in one dire situation after another.

'Grave of the Fireflies' (1988)

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This movie is not for the faint of heart, andSuspicious-Muscle-96's comment is an example of this: “My girlfriend let me watch the film and I ended up crying my eyes out in anger, accusing her of trying to make me cry. It's a masterpiece and people should see it.” There's no doubting the beauty of this film, but it's a sad, horrifying and natural beauty that leaves a mark.

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A story about the horrific effects of war, two orphans left alone after the American firebombing of Japan during World War II. Her subsequent attempts at survival are harrowing, not only because of what happens on screen, but because it's an accurate mimic of what many children and teenagers doPeople all over the world have gone through war.

'Perfect Blue' (1987)

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If you have seenBlack Swanand thought it was a nomination for a disturbingly beautiful movie, know the movie that wasDarren Aronofsky's inspiration for it.Black Swandoesn't come close to the unsettling confusionof this movie.

A deeply dark film from the mind ofSatoshi Kon,Perfect Bluefollows Mima, the former leader of a popular J-pop band as she tries to find a career as an actress and shed her clean image. Defined by its mesmerizing animation,Perfect Blueplays with themes such as blurred reality, perception, performance and the strange relationship between consumer and product or fan and performer.

"WALL-E" (2006)

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while watchingWALL-E, there doesn't seem to be much on the surface that bothers. If you think ofWALL-E, think of a cute love story between two robots and their quest to prove that the earth can still support life.

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However, the world isWALL-Eis surprisingly deep and dark, filled with malevolent AI, a rotten earth, and the slow spiritual death of everything that makes us human. At the same time, it's packed with the most beautiful animated environments you could ever find.WALL-Eis the perfect balance of disturbing content that allows enoughdeeper thinking if you are willing to go there.

"City of God" (2002)

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God's city(city ​​of god) is a Portuguese-language film depicting the growth of organized crime in the Cidade de Deus, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between the 1960s and 1980s. Nominated for four Academy Awards in 2004,city ​​of godaccompanies two boys as they grow up on two very difficult paths in the difficult environment of their poverty-stricken lives.

rocket (Alexander Rodrigues), the film's narrator and aspiring photographer, captures his surroundings and the regular occurrences of drug-related violence in his neighborhood, while José (Leandro Firmino) uses Rocket and his work to raise his profile as an ambitious drug dealer and criminal. This film is filled with beautiful images, disturbing content and a harrowing reality for thousands, if not millions, around the world. ShakeyJ8ke leaves the perfect closing comment; "You just sit there, silent and pondering... Everything".

"Watership Below" (1978)

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watership below, the film adaptation ofRichard AdamsThe book of the same name follows a colony of anthropomorphized rabbits who abandon their den and community in search of a safe place to start a new one, while human developers begin destroying their environment. This expertly crafted film is notable for its disturbing imagery that lingers long after you watch it, especially if you were young when it was released.

GeekMomToTwo summarizes the experience for thousands of kidswith this movie: "My parents saw animated bunnies and thought it was a great movie. Scarred me for life." Despite the fact that the characters are all bunnies, they are all incredibly relatable. This makes the events of the film even more harrowing.

'The Boat' (1981)

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If you're not one for tight spaces, you're lucky you weren't deployed on a German U-boat during WWII. The men in this film wish they were that lucky. They're not, and that's where the unsettling terror comes in.

Set in 1942, as the British begin to understand better how to protect themselves from U-boat attacks in the 'Battle of the Atlantic', the boat follows the crew of 42 fresh recruits as they man a U-boat during they try to survive, obey orders and most difficulties endure the tedious boredom in the submersible metal coffin they are in.Wolfgang Petersen's movie is as good as it getsHumanizing the enemy grunts of World War II films, and is an extraordinary observation of ordinary everyday life under extraordinary circumstances.

'Pan Maze' (2006)

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A look at the photo above perfectly shows howPans Labyrinthis disturbingly beautiful. From the mind ofGuillermo del Toro who has a very unique and captivating style, this movie follows Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) as she moves with her mother into her new stepfather's house, where at night she is led by a fairy to a spooky but wonderful fantasy land and away from her harsh reality.

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Disturbing not only for the spooky world and the creatures in it, but this movie and its ending are disturbing in a way more real than a guy with eyes on his hands. By mattad0rk on Reddit;"Pans Labyrinthis beautiful, cruel and heartbreaking.".

"That Private Ryan" (1998)

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One of the greatest films of all time and certainly one of the greatest war films of all time,There Soldier James Ryanis a stunningly filmed, acted and directed epic of World War II that embodied war like no other film before or since. It's grounded and impressive, but also disturbing and heartbreaking. Look atDiesnot so fun fact by the_fuego on Reddit.

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A true masterpiece, Saving Private Ryanis crafted with a detail rarely seen in film production. All of these small details culminate in a film that is harrowing for everyone, especially veterans, from start to finish.

"Let The Right One In" (2008)

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Don't let this novel sink you into romance if you're not good at horror.Let the right one inis a Swedish film set in the same haunting and eerie landscapemidsummer, this time in winter. Based on the 2004 novelJohn Ajvide Lindqvist, the film follows Oskar (Kare Hedebrant), a bullied 12-year-old boy who befriends his new neighbor Eli (Lina Leandersson).

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As they help each other and quickly bond, it becomes clear that Eli is hiding a dark secret. It is the story of a complicated friendship in Stockholm,Let the right one inis quite possibleReddit's Most Disturbing Movie.

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