The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (2023)

The color white not only adds an element to your garden but also brightens it up! Here are some of the most elegantShrubs with white flowersyou can grow!

Shrubs with elegant white flowers are an ideal choice to brighten up your garden area! Since the color symbolizes purity, light and goodness, it brings a certain touch of calm to the room. If you are lookingShrubs with white flowers, then check out the article below!

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1. Korean Spice Snowball

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (1)

USDA-Zone: 4-7

botanical name: Viburnum von Carlesii

Korean spice has pink buds that open in a bouquet of white flowers. This bush is known for its sweet and spicy scent. If you want pure white flowers then opt for Doublefile Viburnum (Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum 'Mariesii').

growing tips:

  • These bushes can thrive in both full sun and partial shade.
  • Viburnums prefer acidic, well-drained and moist soil.

2. Common lilac

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (2)

USDA-Zone: 3-7

botanical name: Syringa vulgaris

You can find common lilacs in both purple and lavender hues, but it's the white one with milky flowers and a sweet aroma that steals the show! Common lilac flowers in late spring. You can also grow them as privacy screens on hedges to avoid prying eyes.

growing tips:

  • They do not thrive well in a wet and swampy area.
  • Use well-drained, medium-moisture soil.

3. Annabelle Hydrangea

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (3)

USDA-Zone: 3-7

botanical name: Hydrangea arborescens

This deciduous shrub, also known as smooth hydrangea, forms a round cluster of flowers in early summer. Annabelle hydrangea blooms up to two months; The bud opens lime green, turns white when mature and turns pale green in late summer.

growing tips:

  • Hydrangeas prefer full sunlight or mottled shade (in hotter climates).
  • Use average, well-drained soil and keep the plant hydrated while keeping it in full sun.

4. Japanese Andromeda

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (4)

USDA-Zone: 5-8

botanical name: Pieris japonica

This shrub is also known as Japanese Pieris. It reaches 9-12 feet in height with white, pendulous, bell-shaped flowers and evergreen foliage. Varieties like 'Mountain Fire' produce attractive red colored leaves. It is one of the best white flower shrubs on the list!

growing tips:

  • Grow Andromeda in a well-drained, slightly acidic and moist soil.
  • It grows well in full sun and even partial shade, although it produces fewer flowers in shady locations.

5. White Christmas bush

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (5)

USDA-Zone: 10-13

botanical name: Euphorbia leucocephala

Also known as the white Christmas bush and snow of Kilimanjaro, this beautiful shrub produces delicate, white flowers with a sweet fragrance. It thrives best when pruned appropriately in spring.

growing tips:

  • Euphorbia thrives in both full sun and partial shade.
  • Use well-drained soil.

6. White Roses

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (6)

USDA-Zone: 5-9

botanical name: Rosa Spp.

Roses come in a variety of colors, and each shade has its cultural significance. Like most roses, white roses symbolize kindness and serenity. They are available for all climate zones.

growing tips:

  • It is important to provide your rose bush with at least 5-6 hours of sunlight.
  • Grow them in well-draining, fertile soil.

7. Spirea

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (7)

USDA-Zone: 3-8

Botanical name:Spirea Spp.

Shrubs of the genus Spirea, flowers in early summer. They grow up to 5-8 feet tall and 7-10 feet wide and bloom from April to May. 'Snow Storm' and 'Snowmound' are the strains grown for white flowers.

growing tips:

  • Keep the plant well hydrated during growing years.
  • Use well-drained, slightly moist soil to grow spirea.

8. Sweet mock orange

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (8)

USDA-Zone: 4-8

Botanical name:Philadephus spp. and hybrids

If you like a mild scent then mock orange is a perfect choice for you! It has a citrus flavor and includes a number of species in the genus Philadephus. The plant is a large shrub that grows up to 10-12 feet tall and nearly the same in width. You can grow a famous hybrid strain P.x virginalis that stays smaller, growing 3-4 feet long and 2-3 feet wide.

growing tips:

  • Grow sweet mock orange in full sun to part shade.
  • Since it overgrows fairly quickly, regular pruning is a good option.

9. White Azaleas

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (9)

USDA-Zone: 3-9

Botanical name:Rhododendron spp.

The white varieties include Pleasant White, Cascade White, Snow, Northern Hi-Lights, Delaware Valley White, and Bloom-a Thon. also blooms in autumn. Azaleas are perfect for wooded areas. They can grow up to 3-12 feet long.

growing tips:

  • If your soil isn't naturally acidic, add an acid-fortified fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants.
  • Azaleas thrive in rich, acidic, and well-drained soil.

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10. Deutzie

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (10)

USDA-Zone: 5-8

Botanical name:Deutzia gracilis ‘Nikko’.

Although the pygmy deutzia is a shrub, you can grow it as a groundcover. It features a short length that limits the plant to a height of 2-3 feet with a width of 5-6 feet. This shrub produces small, bell-shaped, aromatic flowers in late spring.

growing tips:

  • It needs regular pruning, as individual branches are short-lived.
  • Deutzia tolerates clay soil and grows well in medium, moist soil.

11. Oleander

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (11)

USDA-Zone: 8-10

Botanical name:Nerium oleander 'White'

Oleander, also known as Rosebay, is an ornamental shrub that grows to 15-19 feet tall and releases a toxic, sticky latex when the stems are injured. It displays flowers in a white, red, or pink hue from late spring through summer.

growing tips:

  • The plant does best in full sun to partial shade.
  • This shrub is fairly adaptable to soil conditions, although it thrives in well-drained, fertile soil.

Note:All parts of the plant are highly toxic, so keep your kids and pets away from them.

12. Arabian Jasmine

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (12)

USDA-Zone: 9-11

Botanical name:Jasminum-Sambac

Endemic to tropical Asia, this broadleaf, evergreen shrub produces white, fragrant, showy flowers from June to August. It can grow up to 4-5 feet tall with the same spread.

growing tips:

  • Sambac jasmine grows well in full sun to partial shade.
  • Prune the shrub back if necessary to maintain the shape.

13. Weiße Bougainvillea

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (13)

USDA-Zone: 9-11

Botanical name:A spectacular bougainvillea

White bougainvillea have elegant, sepal-like bracts surrounded by three waxy flowers, spring foliage with thorny vines and shrubs. These heat-loving, drought-tolerant shrubs are perfect for fences and hedges. You can opt for white varieties like Jamaica White, Double White, and Summer Show.

growing tips:

  • Once the plant is mature, water it infrequently, but increase the amount in extreme heat.
  • Grow these bushes in full sun for optimal growth.

14. Plumeria

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (14)

USDA-Zone: 9-11

Botanical name:Red feathers

The Plumeria is very easy to grow and blooms almost all year round. Thanks to its beautiful flowers with an intoxicating fragrance, the Plumeria is a must-have shrub. It can be trimmed to keep the shape you want. Plumeria can reach a height of 3-13 feet.

growing tips:

  • Keep the plant well watered.
  • Keep it out of bright, direct sunlight.

Note:The plant's milky, white sap can be mildly toxic and cause skin rashes.

15. Gardenia

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (15)

USDA-Zone: 8-11

Botanical name:Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenias are thermophilic shrubs with creamy white flowers with a fantastic scent and contrasting glossy, leathery, dark green leaves. Grow them in full to partial shade in well-drained, moist soil.

growing tips:

  • Choose a location that gets plenty of indirect sunlight to plant them.
  • Keep the soil well moist and never let it dry out completely.

16. Hartriegel

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (16)

USDA-Zone: 5-9

botanical name: Cornusflorida

Dogwoods are native to North America and are popular for their growing habits and beautiful spring flowers. They need sunlight to thrive well, although they will flower well in partial shade.

growing tips:

  • Water to a depth of 6 inches once a week to keep the tree well.
  • Keeping the tree in a spot that makes the most of both shade and sunlight will do wonders for its growth!

17. Pearl bush

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (17)

USDA-Zone: 4-8

botanical name: Exochorda racemosa

This easy to grow deciduous shrub has flower buds that resemble white pearls. This drought tolerant bush is ideal for hedges and does well in full to partial shade. Pearlbush produces flowers on old growth, so prune after flowering.

growing tips:

  • Slightly acidic, well-drained soil is good for Pearlbush.
  • Adding a layer of organic matter to the soil before planting gives the plant a head start.

18. Rose of Sharon

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (18)

USDA-Zone: 5-9

botanical name: Syrian hibiscus

Also known as Korean Rose, Chinese Hibiscus and Althea. The Rose of Sharon is a member of the Malvaceae or mallow family and is native to China and India. It blooms late in the growing season when other plants generally begin to rejuvenate.

growing tips:

  • You can plant her in full to partial sun exposure as she likes both.
  • Before planting, use an all-purpose fertilizer.

19. White Swan Camellia

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (19)

USDA-Zone: 6-10

botanical name: Camellia japonica

Camellia is an evergreen flowering shrub with a long flowering season. With a broad, dark green growth pattern paired with a bouquet of white flowers, she makes quite the statement in the garden!

growing tips:

  • You can grow them in moist soil and water the plant when the topsoil is dry to within an inch.
  • Grow these elegant fragrant flowers on hedges and borders in sun or shade.

20. Cinquefoil white

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (20)

USDA-Zone: 3-7

botanical name: Potentilla L.

One of the most popular landscape shrubs, cinquefoil is known for its exotic white flowers and prized for its carefree nature. As it also fights air pollution and salty air effectively, it is an ideal plant for people who live near the beach.

growing tips:

  • If you want flowers, expose them to sunlight for 5-6 hours.
  • Watering once or twice a week is sufficient.

21. Night Blooming Jasmine

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (21)

USDA-Zone: 9-10

botanical name: The night sky

Famous for its beautiful flowers that open at night to reveal what is also known as the most potent scent of any plant in the world! So if you have this in your garden, expect it to be brimming with scent all the time!

growing tips:

  • Grow them in an east or west position.
  • Water them well in dry months.

22. Weigela 'White Knight'

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (22)

USDA-Zone: 5-9

botanical name: Weigl

Up to 4-5 feet tall, 'White Knight' with its superb milky flowers is one of the best white flowered shrubs on this list! What makes it more unique is the combination of fragrance and pure white flower colors!

growing tips:

  • It prefers full sun and also thrives in partially shaded locations.
  • Once the plant is established you don't have to worry about watering unless the climate is too dry.

23. Sweet pepper bush

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (23)

USDA-Zone: 4-9

botanical name: Clethra alnifolia

What sets this plant apart from the others on this list is its upright, fragrant, white flowers that resemble bottle brushes and attract bees and butterflies!

growing tips:

  • Keep the soil moist with regular watering.
  • Prune the crowded growth and grow new shrubs by planting them.

24. White hibiscus

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (24)

USDA-Zone: 5-8

botanical name: Water hibiscus

The elegant white flowers look exceptionally beautiful against the dark green foliage of the plant. White hibiscus also blooms non-stop, adding heaps of blooms and attracting a multitude of hummingbirds and bees to your garden!

growing tips:

  • The plant does well in full to partial sun.
  • Use well-drained and slightly acidic soil.

25. Stern Jasmin

The 25 Best White Flowering Shrubs! (25)

USDA-Zone: 7-10

botanical name: Jasminum multiflorum

With highly fragrant and beautiful flowers, these plants attract bees and butterflies alike. They are exceptional ground covers and can also be grown as decorative climbing plants.

growing tips:

  • Keep the plant in a place where it gets 4-5 hours of bright sunlight.
  • They need a lot of water, especially during flowering.
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