The top 10 healthy food franchises in the US for 2023 (2023)

The top 10 healthy food franchises in the US for 2023 (1)

Healthy food franchises are growing in sales in the United States. The trend that started dozens of years ago is gaining momentum in 2022. The top 10 list shows the same frontrunners from previous years with only a minor change in ranking. It means their reliability to invest in.
Americans are trying to keep fit, be healthier, and live longer. Therefore, there is a growing trend towards healthy eating in the USA. Healthy food industry offers a lotFranchising Opportunitiesin the US market. It offers smoothie, Mexican food, salad, grilled food, fresh juice and other cafes and restaurants specializing in healthy food. When an entrepreneur starts a Healthy Food franchise, they not only receive unique recipes, but also marketing and management tips and ongoing support from their franchisor. Our list of the best healthy food franchises includes only successful and trusted businesses in the United States.

Here are the 10 healthy food franchises in the US


Founded in:1999
Franchised since:2004
Franchise Units:18
Initial investment:ab 415.500 $
Franchise Fee:35.000 $
License Fees:5%

UFood Grill is a leader in the fast-growing, fast-casual segment of franchising. With an elegant, inviting design and an environment that serves fresh and delicious food quickly, UFood Grill meets the current and increasing demand of its customers. Owning a UFood Grill franchise can be a rewarding experience, personally and financially. We currently have franchise opportunities nationwide and are looking for qualified, committed entrepreneurs who wish to join the UFood Grill family.

Smoothie Factory

Founded in:1996
Franchised since:1996
Franchise Units:33
Initial investment:ab 226.500 $
Franchise Fee:30.000 $
License Fees:5%

Smoothie Factory is committed to helping health-conscious customers make more nutritious choices. The smoothie menu features more whole fruits and veggies, more natural sweetener options, and more vegan and dairy-free options than ever before! Our locations are often in close proximity to gyms to increase traffic and volume, and dietary supplements are our top selling items, sold at competitive prices. Smoothie Factory's franchise development team will help you find just the right location and construction team to get things off to a flying start. Prior to your store opening, you will receive approximately three weeks of intensive personal training from experienced franchise experts at Smoothie Factory.

salad work

Founded in:1986
Franchised since:1992
Franchise Units:89
Initial investment:ab 200.000 $
Franchise Fee:35.000 $
License Fees:6%

More and more people are eating healthy to be healthier. That means less meat and more vegetables. That's why nearly half of all Millennials and Gen Z consumers buy more than 3 appetizer salads a week away from home. Saladworks is trendy. Interested in owning a Saladworks franchise? We support you in choosing a location and designing your shop. We also help you with lease negotiations and approve all final leases. Our training and support programs are designed to set your business up for success. The training will give you the basics and enable you to run a Saladworks restaurant.

Fresh healthy cafe

Founded in:2001
Franchised since:2009
Franchise Units:21
Initial investment:ab 203.000 $
Franchise Fee:30.000 $
License Fees:6%

Are you a collaborative and energetic entrepreneur? Hungry to make a difference in the natural food industry? FRESH - Healthy Cafe is a global leader in the booming fast casual food industry and we are looking for passionate partners who share our mission to heal the world one healthy meal at a time. Through years of hands-on experience, we work with a scalable system that covers all areas of the Fresh business model to ensure a successful launch and years of rapid growth. Exclusive opportunities include unit and multi-unit franchises, master franchises, and co-branded franchises.

Extrem Pita

Founded in:1997
Franchised since:1998
Franchise Units:100
Initial investment:ab 175.760 $
Franchise Fee:30.000 $
License Fees:6%

The Extreme Pita menu offers a selection of sandwich wraps and pita bread pizzas, as well as salads, pita chips and cookies. Extreme Pita's fast service pita sandwich restaurants meet all the expectations of today's and tomorrow's consumers looking for a high quality, healthy alternative to traditional fast food. The Extreme Pita is currently seeking self-motivated team players to become franchisees in the following territories: Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Canada.

Vital Bowls

Founded in:2011
Franchised since:2014
Franchise Units:68
Initial investment:ab 198.000 $
Franchise Fee:39.500 $
License Fees:6%

Vitality Bowls is a 750-1,500 square foot superfood cafe focused on supplying organic quality Açaí, Acerola, Pitaya and Graviola Bowls®, Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Soups, Salads and Paninis. The achievements of the franchise model are generally achieved with strong corporate headquarters support. At Vitality Bowls we can help you find the right location, help you build the perfect coffee shop, provide comprehensive initial training and of course ongoing support to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed.

Maui Wowi

Founded in:1982
Franchised since:1997
Franchise Units:128
Initial investment:35.000 $
Franchise Fee:$ 30.000 - $ 50.000
License Fees:Varies

Break free from the corporate world and have fun living the flip flop lifestyle! Serve the finest Hawaiian coffees and smoothies when and where you want with one of our proprietary mobile cart models! Our franchisees are proof that you don't need a shirt, tie or wingtips to succeed in business. Maui Wowi operates at hundreds of non-traditional venues such as racetracks, convention centers and campuses. The transportable store makes it easy for franchisees to set up a store without the overhead typically associated with a brick and mortar store and has become a great way for individuals to take ownership of a business on their terms.

Qdoba Mexican eats

Founded in:1995
Franchised since:1997
Franchise Units:401
Initial investment:ab 476.000 $
Franchise Fee:30.000 $
License Fees:5%

Qdoba's distinctive Mexican-inspired decor along with friendly and energetic team members help create a fun, tasteful atmosphere. At QDOBA, we believe that successful franchises are built on tasty food, frontline innovation and strong business partnerships. And we invest in the success of our franchisees. We are actively looking for equally passionate franchisees to join our brand. From the beginning of the franchising process to opening and as long as you own the franchise, QDOBA offers excellent support services to help you succeed.

Tropical smoothie cafe

Founded in:1997
Franchised since:1997
Franchise Units:990
Initial investment:ab 258.000 $
Franchise Fee:30.000 $
License Fees:6%

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise offers real fruit smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, wraps and sandwiches including our pressed sandwiches. Our mission is to inspire healthier lifestyles by serving amazing smoothies and food with a bit of tropical fun. If you play to win, invest well and become a Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise owner now! We want our franchise owners to understand the importance of unparalleled customer service and outreach. We value innovation, creativity and a competitive mindset.


Founded in:1973
Franchised since:1988
Franchise Units:1.289
Initial investment:ab 269.000 $
Franchise Fee:15.000 - 30.000 $
License Fees:6%

Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity that will allow you to work for yourself while helping people lead healthier lifestyles? Welcome to Smoothie King! We are the #1 health and fitness focused smoothie brand offering an exciting franchise opportunity with a proven operating system and low entry cost. As a Smoothie King franchisee, you have access to world-class training and support, comprehensive marketing services, and a business model that has been tested and standardized for the last 45+ years.


In conclusion, any of the healthy food franchises listed above are worth buying. But there's a lot to consider when choosing the best one for you. Check the brand reputation, what training and support is offered, see if the other franchisees are successful. But the most important thing you need to do is align your budget with the brand's investment requirements. To make the challenge easier, we have prepared for you the comparison flowchart of the best healthy food franchises in the USA. It shows each brand's estimated minimum investment and initial franchise fee. By using it, you can find out the difference in financial requirements for each franchise and decide which one suits you best.

The top 10 healthy food franchises in the US for 2023 (5)

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