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Looking to improve your landscaping by switching to a Bermuda grass lawn? Bermuda grass is scientifically known as Cynodon dactylonlow-maintenance lawnwhich is typically grown from Bermuda grass seed. The seed you choose determines the quality and variety of the grass.

Different types of Bermuda grass strains generally have ashort germination time, due to the natural removal of the protective layer on the seed once planted. Shelled seeds usually sprout faster than unshelled ones.

Bermuda grass seeds are loved by homeowners and lawn care professionals because they thrive in a variety of soil types. Additionally, Bermuda grass is also drought tolerant and one of the most popular warm season grass species to pick.

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Different types of Bermuda grass

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (1)

There are two broad categories of Bermuda weed: Hybrid Bermuda and Common Bermuda.

Bermudagras hybridsincludes tif varieties whileCommon Bermuda Grasstypically includes seeded varieties.

Let's take a closer look at each of these two types of Bermuda weed strains below!

Common Bermuda Grass

This variety is also called seeded Bermuda grass. It shows a light green hue with a rough texture.

Despite having a lower shoot density compared to hybrid varieties, Bermuda grass has a higher nutritional value, making it best suited for making forage and hay for livestock. It is also excellent as a lawn grass because of its dense growthwithstand high levels of pedestrian traffic.

However, regular Bermuda grass is not suitable for lawns and public parks – this is where the improved regular Bermuda seed strains come into play.

Due to their relatively deeper rooting and denser growth, these improved strains are a great alternative for high traffic lawns. They can thrive on lawns, public parks, and even athletic fields.

Besides, they arecheaper to maintaincompared to hybrid Bermuda grass varieties.

Recommended Bermuda Grass Seeds:


Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (2)

2,289 reviews

Scott's Turf Builder grass seed for Bermuda grass is built to...

  • Engineered for full sun, high traffic areas and tensile strength
  • The exclusive 4-in-1 WaterSmart PLUS coating absorbs more water, provides it with essential nutrients and protects the seedlings from diseases
  • Contains Scott's best seed, protects against disease, keeps seed hydrated 2x longer and promotes growth for thicker, greener weed, guaranteed
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Bermudagras hybrids

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (3)

This strain is also known as a “sterile vegetative hybrid”. It is a cross product of two species of grass: common Bermuda and African Bermuda (Cynodon transvaalensis).

Hybrid Bermuda grass must be developed using vegetative methods such as turfing, plugging, or sprigging; since it does not produce seeds.

Each of these vegetative methods is explained below:

  • Sods – here patches of grass are taken from an existing lawn and installed/planted in the desired area.
  • Plugs – where seedlings are grown in trays and then transplanted into the desired bedding.
  • Sprigging – installing sections of grass called sprigs.


There are a few exceptions to the seeded and hybrid Bermuda grass species, including "Structure 10' and 'Princess'. For example, the former cannot set seeds when isolated, but will do so if pollen from another species of Bermuda grass is nearby.

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (4)

89 reviews

Princess 77 Hybrid Bermuda Grass Seeds 2 Pounds (Bulk)

  • High tolerance to sun, drought and traffic
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Dark green colour, medium-fine leaf structure

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That'Princess’ – meanwhile – is a hybrid Bermuda variety that differs from all other hybrid Bermuda in that it produces seeds. However, it can be easily distinguished from seed varieties as it is darker in color with a softer texture.

What is the Best Type of Bermuda Grass for Golf Greens?

Golf courses typically call for hardy, fast-healing grass varieties; Characteristics shared by most Bermuda grass varieties.That's why I love Blackjack Bermuda for golf greens.


Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (5)

Get Blackjack Bermuda seeds here

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (6)

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15 reviews

Blackjack Seed Bermuda Grass Seed- 25# Bulk Warm Season von...

  • Bermuda is a mix of drought-tolerant, long-lived turf species
  • Works well in a wide range of soil types
  • Withstands foot traffic well

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Over the years, several Bermuda grass varieties have been recognized by turf professionals as the first choice for golf courses. This is largely due to their ability to withstand drought and wear and tear.

Below is a detailed overview of some of the best types of Bermuda grass that you might want to consider if you are a homeowner laying a new lawn or if you are the maintenance manager at your local golf club.

Blackjack Bermuda grass is one of the most preferred varieties of this type of grass. It is known for its dense coverage, making it one of theDear Grassamenfor areas with frequent foot activity.

But why is Blackjack Bermuda grass preferred over the other varieties? For starters, it's one of those strains that stays dark green and vibrant throughout the summer months.

Here's what you can expect from Blackjack Bermuda weed:

  • Thick and full of density for a carpet-like feel
  • Great tolerance for shadows
  • drought tolerance
  • cold tolerance
  • Great sowing success and germination rate
  • Very fine texture for better drought resistance

This variety of Bermuda grass does well when planted in well-drained soil. It's a thoughGrass species with high shade tolerance, it is best grown in full sun. If you plan to seed your lawn with Blackjack Bermuda grass, do so when the soil temperature is around 65°F and at a rate of 2-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

Buying Guide to Bermuda Weed Strains

If you're unsure which type of Bermuda would be best for your home lawn, the guide below addresses popular varieties that are most common in home gardens.

Best Bermuda grass species for home lawn

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (7)

When it comes to lawnaesthetic appearance,and the ability to resist lawn diseases should be the first two decision considerations when looking to improve the lawn in your yard. But before you plant Bermuda grass of any kind, make sure you have itgood irrigation available.

As such, hybrid Bermuda strains are the best as they recognize the distinctive appearance of common Bermuda grasses while exhibiting fewer disease problems than other Bermuda grass species. The only downside - perhaps - is that they require more proper lawn care if you want to keep your yard looking beautiful. Here's a rundown of some of the best Bermuda weeds for the home—all hybrid strains—that thrive in lawns.

Tif Way 419

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (8)

This is my home lawn Tiflawn mix. It grows fast and fills out quite thickly. It's a great mix for dogs or when it's under heavy use as it's very resilient and regrows faster than other Bermuda types. Tifway 419 is also very durable and disease resistant and you can mow it closer to the ground and it will thrive.

Get TifWay 419 delivered straight to your door


Among the desirable traits of this hybrid, introduced in 1997, is its superior turf texture and density. In addition, TifSport Bermuda grass is fairly cold tolerant and hardy.

TifSport turfs can only be made by vegetative propagation as they do not produce seeds.

Tifway II

This is an improvement over the original Tifway Bermuda grass. Tifway II is said to perform betterTolerance to frost and nematodes. In terms of looks, this hybrid Bermuda weed really shineshigh shoot density.


This hybrid Bermuda strain is excellent for lawns as it maintains its beautiful foliage even when soil conditions deteriorate. TifGrand Bermuda grass is known to better retain its rich green leaf blade hue even under insufficient nitrogen conditions.

This hybrid Bermuda grass does not produce pollen and is more disease resistant than most common Bermuda grasses.

(Video) Stop! Identify your GRASS TYPE with these 3 SIMPLE steps! Your lawn care journey must begin here!

In addition, TifGrand grows relatively faster and is very shade tolerant. Lawn care experts recommend mowing TifGrand lawns once they reach a height of about two inches. TifGrand also goes by the trade name PP21017.

How to choose the right variety of Bermudagrass for your lawn

Other Bermudian Grasarten


Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (9)

53 reviews

Outsidepride Yukon Warm Season, cold tolerant Bermuda Breed, Breed ...

  • Yukon Bermuda Grass Seed is the best choice for lawn managers who need an exceptionally seeded Bermuda grass no matter what Bermuda growing zone they are in worldwide! Yukon was developed by the Oklahoma State University Turfgrass Research Team in collaboration with the USGA.
  • This Bermuda Lawn Grass Seed is a synthetic variety created by crossing five parent plants selected from a 1990 hardiness study based on high turf quality - making it the most cold tolerant Bermuda grass.
  • Yukon is the most dramatic improvement in seeded Bermuda grass varieties to date. It is Outsidepride's choice for the best quality Bermuda grass seed based on available NTEP data.

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This fine-leaved Bermuda weed variety is a strain you'll find on many golf courses around the world. It features a rich green hue that makes it visually appealing. Because it is a lower-growing variety, Yukon grass is typically mowed to about 1/4-in.

With a seed rate of around 2-3 pounds per 1000 square feet, this Bermuda grass variety is perfect for turf application. With proper soil temperature, moisture and nutrients, Yukon Bermuda grass will sprout within 7-10 days.

From the sixth to eighth week after sowing, it begins to develop its rhizome system, resulting in a dense turf. Yukon turfs are usually playable after 60 days, especially if you feed them thatbest fertilizer for Bermuda grass lawn.

Oasis Mixed Bermuda Grass

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (10)

68 reviews

(Video) Lawn Care Update [PRINCESS 77 Bermuda Grass vs TIFWAY 419]

Outsidepride Oasis Warm Season Fast Growing Bermuda Lawn Lawn...

  • Bermuda grass is a warm season grass used in southern states
  • Oasis Bermuda Grass Seed is a blend of three of the leading Bermuda grasses
  • Bermuda is a fast-growing, aggressive grass that can crowd out weeds

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This strain is a cross of several improved common Bermuda grass species, hence its relatively higher genetic diversity and broader range of adaptation.

Such seed mixtures tend to exhibit the desirable traits of their component cultivars while exhibiting fewer individual cultivar deficiencies.

Research has shown that Oasis turf quality outperforms regular Bermuda grass by up to 20%. As such, turf specialists recommend it for use on golf course fairways and tees.

Here is a detailed list of the desirable attributes of the Oasis Bermuda blend:

  • Lush green-light green color.
  • Medium soft to medium coarse leaf structure.
  • Short-medium height.
  • Excellent traffic tolerance.
  • Fairly good drought tolerance.
  • Fair - good cold tolerance.

Best Types of Bermuda Grass for Hay

Forage Bermuda grass varieties can withstand the ups and downs that come with hay production—because it is a perennial grass. Different Bermudagrass cultivars exhibit different desirable traits that all make them suitable for hay production.

Below are some of the best Bermuda weed strains for hay production!

Tifton 85

Tifton 85 is a cross of Tifton 68. It is a cold tolerant South African Bermuda strain. Because Tifton 68 is easily digested but has poor cold tolerance, its hybrid version Tifton 85 exhibits the desirable trait while also masking the undesirable trait.

The most common and popular method of establishing Tifton 85 is sprigging. In hay production, yield is a key success factor and Tifton 85 excels in this respect. With broad leaves and large stems, this Bermuda strain is known to produce the highest yields and highest digestibility among recommended Bermuda weed strains for hay production.


This hardy Bermuda grass species is also popular with hay producers. Given sufficient moisture conditions, Russell has been known to produce yield levels comparable only to the Tifton 85 mentioned above.

This Bermuda variety also exhibits a relatively denser but shorter forage at maturity. Russell is also easier and quicker to make than Tifton 85. It can be made by sprigging.

Coastal Bermuda Grass

This hybrid forage Bermuda grass variety is a mainstay of hay production. In the southern United States, an estimated 15 million acres of hay and pasture are made up of coastal Bermuda grass. Being a tall strain, Coastal is known to produce twice as much forage as is normally produced by most common Bermuda grasses.

Its lining quality is also quite superior compared to most common Bermuda types.

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How to propagate Bermuda grass fast?

Types of Bermuda Grass and the Best Varieties for Lawn, Hay and Golf | CG Lawn (11)

Alex K.

Hello, Alex Kuritz here. Growing up, I remember my family having one of the best lawns in the neighborhood. Rich green and lush. Growing up, I did a lot to tend and take care of not only my family's lawns, but my neighbors' as well. I can say I have years of experience and I am here to share it with you.


What is the best Bermuda grass for golf greens? ›

Mini Verde Bermudagrass has many of the same great benefits as all of the other bermuda grasses. Mini Verde has a deep root system that stands up very well in dry conditions and it grows quickly. Featuring fine leaf blades, short internodes, and high shoot density, it makes for an excellent putting service.

What is the best variety of Bermuda grass? ›

Tifway is currently considered the best overall bermudagrass selection for high-quality lawns, sports fields and golf course fairways. Tifway II: Tifway II is a mutant of Tifway that was released in 1984 for its improved frost and nematode tolerance.

What is the most aggressive Bermuda grass? ›

CT-2 is a Bermuda grass which is the most aggressive grass producing more lateral growth and more stolons than other hybrids.

What type of Bermuda do golf courses use? ›

Bermudagrass, and primarily the hybrid cultivar Tifway (419), was the standard and was considered to have very good overall adaptation for tee, fairway, and rough areas. Similarly, Tifdwarf bermuda was the standard for putting greens.

What Bermuda is used on golf courses? ›

All are acceptable, and golf industry associations can differ in their preferences. Bermuda grasses — Tifsport, Tifeagle and Tifdwarf are names of common varieties — have thicker blades than bentgrass, and can be mowed lower than bentgrass (bentgrass is a cool-season grass).

Does common bermuda make good hay? ›

Bermudagrass is productive from spring until fall and is well-suited for grazing or hay production. It is a high-yielding grass; 5 to 7 tons of hay per acre can be produced with good management and ample moisture.

What month is the best time to plant Bermuda grass? ›

The best time to plant Bermudagrass is late spring and early summer, after soil warms and spring frost danger has passed. Bermudagrass germinates best at soil temperatures between 65°F and 70°F.

Can you mix different types of Bermuda grass? ›

The answer to the initial question of “can I mix turfgrass varieties?” is “yes”. You can mix turfgrass varieties as long as they are of the same species. But perhaps the better question is “should I?” If you mix turfgrass varieties, you may end up with a lawn that is less than ideal.

What type of grass is Augusta National Greens? ›

The famous wall-to-wall green color on display at Augusta National wouldn't be possible without improved perennial ryegrass cultivars, the first of which was released in 1967.

What type of grass is Augusta National golf course? ›

Augusta National's primary turfgrass is bermuda. During the hot and humid Georgia summer, bermudagrass covers the landscape because of its heat tolerance characteristics (amongst other reasons). In the Fall as the nights become cooler, the bermudagrass goes dormant, stops growing, and turns brown.

What Bermuda grass is the darkest green? ›

Plant “Tifway (419),” also called “Tifton 419,“ (Cynodon dactylon “Tifway (419)”) because it has the darkest green color of any of the Bermuda grass hybrids.

Is Bermuda grass harder to play golf on? ›

Common bermudagrasses are dense grass with a coarse texture used for fairway and rough areas. Hybrid bermudagrasses have been developed that allow for extremely fast putting surfaces, yet the grass can tolerate higher temperatures. Bermudagrass rough is much more difficult to play from than northern grass rough.


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